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From the Creator’s Kitchen. . .



I was born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana where for many years I performed as a jazz musician in many of the great clubs, and venues in the city. I relocated to Atlanta where I became heavily involved in its rich, and vibrant music and arts scene. I’ve always had a love for music! So, while traveling extensively, and performing for crowds all over the globe, I’ve also managed to eat my way through every one of them!  The only thing that comes remotely close to that, is my love for cooking. 


When faced with the difficulties that 2020 brought us, I found myself and many others having to rethink our futures as the pandemic and subsequent layoffs/furloughs besieged and persisted. I realized that I had to come up with some way to deal with the assault that these unfortunate events had thrust upon us.  I’ve always experimented in my kitchen, creating unique blends of spices, oils, etc. to enhance my own favorite dishes. My thought was, “If I’m going to make a switch, and make it work, it’d sure better be something I love to do!”

Creating something different from what’s found on your grocer’s shelves was my goal. I decided to share my personal favorite handcrafted blends.

Funky Good Thyme takes pride in the quality of our seasonings, oils, and accessories. All of our seasoning blends, and infused oils are created with no msg, no artificial flavors, colors, artificial sweeteners, or preservatives. Each has a unique flavor profile that elevates your creations.


I hope you share the same love of cooking as I do, and have a Funky Good Thyme doing it. 




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